Traditional Cheddar Cheese & Potato

Traditional Cheddar Cheese & Potato

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Enjoy your traditional Ukrainian Pierogi. Double the size of your frozen grocery store variety, and stuffed full of 100%  Canadian Cheddar Cheese and potato, you will won't leave the table hungry. 


Traditional Cheddar cheese and organic Potato & flour made from premium  medium Cheddar cheese and fluffy potatoes

approx 725 gr. 14-16 pc

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We pride ourselves on using fresh and organic ingredients as often as possible. We are committed to supporting local businesses, and take delight in promoting each local product we use. It's all about building our local community together!!

Original Recipes

My husbands 104 year old Baba shared this recipe with her daughter, who shared it with me! It's a family tradition to make these wonderful creations. We have built on the original recipe to create new fun and mouth-watering pierogis.