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Fresh + local + organic ingredients 



Here, at Mamma Musey's commercial kitchen, we want to assure our customers that we are doing the utmost to keep our food safe for you. We always are extra vigilant with cleaning taps, door knobs, lights and cooking surfaces. In addition, we are very proactive with hand washing but we are taking it to the next level.  We are a husband wife team so have very few people in the kitchen. No customers come inside.   



We pride ourselves on using fresh and organic ingredients as often as possible. 

We are committed to supporting local businesses, and take delight in promoting each local product we use. It's all about building our local community together!!


Skip the lines.  You can pre-order your delicious pierogis online, ORDER HERE

Pick up is in Roberts Creek at our commercial kitchen.


My husbands 104 year old Baba shared this recipe with her daughter, who shared it with me! It's a family tradition to make these wonderful creations. We have built on the original recipe to create new fun and mouth-watering pierogis.


Cheese & Potato

Tried + true + traditional! Of course we cater to our traditional folk. Stuffed full of  100% Canadian Cheddar Cheese and potato, this mouthwatering delight will leave you sassy-fied!

 Sun-dried Tomato & Cashew Cheese (V) 

We had such a demand for a Vegan Pierogi that we got busy! Th​is is our most popular Sun-dried Tomato Cashew Cheese. You would never know that it doesn't have dairy in it, as it's chock block full of tangy goodness.

Rogi - Bites


Our Gluten free treat.....These babies were invented much the same as potato chips....however we weren't just trying to satisfy a customer. After a long day of pierogi making, a ball of filling fell into the bowl of bacon bits.....The rest is history!

Pierogis are US 

After learning about the culinary arts, getting married and having twin girls, and then a baby boy, (within 4 years) you might wonder what is next? How about creating a Pierogi business that takes the art of Pierogi making to a new level? 

I am Michelle Musey (Mamma Musey).  My Ukrainian MIL came to visit and we spent the days making Pierogis. Everyone loved them! made complete sense to share them will all of you.

I take pride in making the best "craft" pierogi you have ever had. At a whooping size, you won't leave the table looking for more. We are continuously experimenting  with different fillings and flavours. 

We do pop-up markets (watch our IG page for when and where) we also sell online on our Contact page. You can even find us at the Good Acre Foods at the Public Market in lower Gibsons, and at Hooraw Vegan Market and Galiano Market in Sechelt. Roberts Creek Wellness and Halfmoon Bay General Store also jumped on board with us! We also supply pierogis to the Gibsons Collective Market.  Whew! 

Homemade Pierogi - made just for you!