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Quality Food

We pride ourselves on using fresh and organic ingredients as often as possible. We are committed to supporting local businesses, and take delight in promoting each local product we use. It's all about building our local community together, one pierogi at a time!

Original Recipes

My husbands 104 year old Baba shared this recipe with her daughter, who shared it with me! It's a family tradition to make these wonderful creations. We have built on the original recipe to create new fun and mouth-watering pierogies.

Family owned and operated out of Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia Canada. Vegan and Gluten Free Options Available.


After completeing her Culinary Arts program, getting married and having twin girls, and then a baby boy, (within 4 years) you might wonder what is next? How about creating a Pierogi business that takes the art of Pierogi making to a new level?

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Made with love, just for you!


Best Pierogis I have ever had! The full meal was delivered with farmer sausage, onion, bacon and sour cream! Family cleaned their plates clean! I have been ruined for store bought, only Mamma Musey’s from here on! Amazing!!!

Lisa Miller-Stiver

Cooked up a variety of different pierogies for a quick & easy dinner tonjght crispy & delicious as always!! Great food. Creative cuisine.

Tracy Butler

I’m a homemade pierogi lover and I have very high standards for my pierogi. The potato cheese I had are amazing! The doh is thin which allows it to crisp just right, the filling tasted wonderful and made of quality ingredients. I fry in butter and had a few with no topping and finished up with sour cream and a sprinkle of asiago. I will definitely have these again and I can’t wait to try other flavours and fillings!

Lisa Patterson

So delicious! We had the sun dried tomato with cashew cheese, but need to try them all now! Great food

Linda Salter Jossul

Delicious her perfectly pinched pierogies are to die for.

Victoria Buffalo Robe

We received cabbage rolls and pierogi as a gift from our daughter. My Polish and Ukrainian grandmothers would have both definitely approved of the food. Delicious!!

Lori Leveque
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